During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our band members have volunteered their time to record a number of charts.  To adhere to the 'social distancing' protocol, and because all recording studios are closed, each musician must record their part from their home.  The individual 'tracks' are then sent to one of the band members, John Cather, who has volunteered to mix & master the final recording.  The audios below represent those recordings.  We hope you enjoy the music!!  

Baker Brothers Big Band members:  Drums (Band Leader): Dan Baker. Bass: Peter Marshal. Piano: Doug Richmond. Saxophones: Marvin Bonds, David Swerdlove, Kurt Kaemerle, Chuck Herbach & Paul Donnenfield. Trombones: Dick Foust, Daniel Chandler, Jeanine Peterson, Ben Al-Mateen. Trumpets: John Cather, Craig 'Pete' Peterson, Jay Epelman, Russ Mullen.  Vocalists: Rosie Friedland & Don Synder 

Baker Brothers Jazz Band members:  Drums: Dan Baker (Band Leader). Piano: Doug Richmond. Bass: Phil Romo. Trumpet: Russ Mullen. Trombone: Gordon Thiel.  Alto Saxophone: Ron Cyger.  Tenor Saxophone: David Swerdlove. Vocalists: Rosie Friedland & Don Snyder


"JUST IN TIME" Arranged by Dave Wolpe


Vocalist: Rosie Friedland

Alto Sax: Marvin Bonds

"LADY BIRD" Arranged by Mark Taylor


Daniel Chandler on Trombone

Marvin Bonds on Alto

"TEACH ME TONIGHT" A tribute to Sammy Nestico.  Arranged by Sammy Nestico 

Featuring Vocalist Rosie Friedland

"If I Were A Bell" Arranged by Jim Martin


Ron Cyger on Alto, John Cather on Trumpet, Doug Richmond on Piano